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Social Media & Graphic Design Executive

Nairobi, Kenya

Job Type:

Full Time

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About the Role

The Role
The social media executive will be responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing strategies for the social media accounts. They will also create visual design concepts for internal and external communication materials. Their competence determines how effectively MGA will be able to portray its brand value online. S/He will have knowledge of the BOP marketplace to best leverage the digital tools to contribute to MGA’s goal to drive organic growth and sustainable differentiation. 


Social Media Management
• Develop, implement and manage MGA’s social media strategy

• Define and achieve MGA’s  important social media KPIs

• Develop, manage and oversee social media content across all channels 

• Measure the success of every social media campaign

• Keep abreast of the latest social media best practices and technologies

• Use social media marketing tools 

• Monitor SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization

• Monitor Social media campaigns and analyze data obtained 


Graphic Design
• Conceptualizing visuals based on requirements (for social media, internal & external communication materials) 

• Identify the best ways to illustrate and communicate stakeholder’s  vision while complying with design best practices

• Create designs using illustration, photo editing and layout software

• Select colors, images, typography and layout for communication materials, including websites, logos, signs, merchandize, newsletters, annual reports, advertisements, and social media posts 



  • You have a BA in Design or similar relevant field

  • You have two or more years of experience as a Social Media Executive or similar role.

  • You have excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other social media platforms

  • You have a high level of attention to detail including proven ability to manage multiple, competing priorities simultaneously

  • Create flawless deliverables that require little to no editing

  • You understand SEO/SEM and web traffic metrics

  • In-depth knowledge of CRM software and Content Management Systems

  • Good understanding of social media KPIs

  • Creative thinker with data-driven analytical aptitude

  • Works well with a team

  • Organized and self-motivated

  • Exceptional at communication and building relationships

About the Company

When you look at a waste picker, what do you see, feel, and think? Do you smile and thank them
for providing an invaluable service to our community by clearing the man-made mess on the
streets and in our homes? Do you recognise their occupation as a noble venture that saves us
from potential toxicity? Could they be just like you with hopes, dreams, and demanding waste
collection schedules? At Mr. Green Africa (MGA), we acknowledge their value.
At MGA we have designed a human-centred business model that illustrates that shared value
at its best. We incentivise marginalised waste pickers and base of the pyramid stakeholders by
offering premium prices and added benefits for their service. This restores their dignity,
improves their lives and cleans up our environment, while at the same time providing a
continuous supply of valuable recyclable plastic to Mr. Green Africa.
Mr. Green Africa processes the recyclable material into valuable raw material and feeds it back
into plastic manufacturers’ supply chains to enable them to achieve circular economy goals and
benefit from raw material cost savings while simultaneously creating a positive environmental
impact. For this endeavour and journey ahead, we are looking for passionate people with a
genuine heart, fun spirit and who also believe in doing well by doing good and want to use their
skills in a more purposeful working life.

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