Nairobi County, Kenya

Job Type:

Full time

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About the Role

Strategic Projects Portfolio Management and Business Development: - 30%

●Set project planning standards to determine resources required to deliver on strategic projects, and allocate budget and human resources to the portfolio, including managing dependencies between strategic resources

● Develop and maintain standards and tools for portfolio and project management, with the goal of delivering every project on time, within budget and scope

● Facilitate communication and negotiation with leadership and other key strategy stakeholders, including regular reports and strategy progress meetings
● Support the CSO to build and maintain strategic partnerships and relationships with multinational corporations, potential funders, and local partners to scale MGAs footprint and impact
● Support the CSO to develop concept notes, proposals and strategic briefs to raise funds for new strategic projects that align with MGA goals and objectives

Project Planning and Execution: 40%

● Oversee creation and maintenance of project scope documents to ensure effective planning and define and manage risks, performance, roles, resources, communications, and quality
● Supervise, coach and provide continuous feedback to department staff to successfully plan, coordinate and execute SPD projects
● Support leadership team in monitoring the scope, quality, schedule and cost of the strategic portfolio, including working with CSO to review and assure delivery of all major strategy and project deliverables and milestones
● Oversee management of portfolio risks and issues, including regular assessments
● Ensure that a business case is developed for all strategic projects that are successful in pilot phases and are taken forward
● Ensure that the integration of all SPD activities into MGA Business is properly planned for and build into work plans and budgets


The Head of Strategic Projects and Business Development will be responsible for designing and driving timely and high quality execution of strategic plans and activities for Mr. Green Africa. The ‘Head’ will support the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and manage members of the Strategic Projects Department to conceptualize and test strategic initiatives that drive the company forward, and unlock new types of plastics suppliers, customers and opportunities. The Head will oversee strategic planning, as well as oversee portfolio and project management, including budget and expenditures, processes and tools. The Head will also support the development of long term goals and strategic objectives, and identify, analyze and monitor issues that affect growth and productivity of the portfolio. The position will report directly to the Chief Strategy Officer, and will manage a team of five or more individuals. This position requires a highly motivated, organized, and innovative thinker who enjoys leading a team to advance strategic projects from the conception phase through integration into a business. If you are looking to work for an exciting, purpose driven company that achieves sustainable and long-term social and environmental impact, and are able to digest both big picture strategy and execute on the project level then Mr. Green Africa is looking for you to be our next Head of Strategic Projects and Business Development.

About the Company

When you look at a waste picker, what do you see, feel and think? Do you smile and thank them for providing an invaluable service to our community by clearing the man-made mess on the streets and in our homes? Do you recognise their occupation as a noble venture that saves us from potential toxicity Could they be just like you with hopes, dreams and demanding waste collection schedules? At Mr. Green Africa (MGA) , we acknowledge their value.

At MGA we have designed a human-centred business model that illustrates that shared value at its best. We incentivise marginalised waste pickers and base of the pyramid stakeholders by offering premium prices and added benefits for their service. This restores their dignity, improves their lives and cleans up our environment, while at the same time providing a continuous supply of valuable recyclable plastic to Mr. Green Africa.

Mr. Green Africa processes the recyclable material into valuable raw material and feeds it back into plastic manufacturers’ supply chains to enable them to achieve circular economy goals, and benefit from raw material cost savings while simultaneously creating a positive environmental impact. For this endeavour and journey ahead, we are looking for passionate people with a genuine heart, who also believe in doing well by doing good and want to use their skills in a more purposeful working life.