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Nairobi County, Kenya

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Full time

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About the Role

MGA is looking for qualified Production clerks to undertake a variety of production
processes of technical and Data nature.The clerk will ensure that manufacturing processes run
reliably and efficiently in the system matching to the physical process and all standard operating
procedures are followed and adhered to.
The goal is to optimise sorting, quality control and production procedures while succeeding in
producing reliable, prompt results.


  • Diploma in any business related field.

  • Knowledge in accounting upto CPA 4 will be an added advantage..

  • 2-5 Year Progressive experience in production operations.

  • Detail-oriented and research-driven

  • Ability to work in shifts independently with limited supervision

  • Technological know-how.

About the Company

When you look at a waste picker, what do you see? What do you feel? What do you think? Do you
smile and thank them for clearing the man-made mess on the streets and in our homes? Do you
recognise their occupation as a noble venture that saves us from potential toxicity? Could they be just
like you? With hopes, dreams and demanding waste collection schedules? At Mr. Green Africa, we
acknowledge their value.
That being said, we have designed a human-centred business model that illustrates shared value at
its best. Mr. Green Africa incentivises marginalised waste pickers and base of the pyramid
stakeholders by offering premium prices and added benefits. This restores their dignity and alleviates
poverty while at the same time providing a continuous supply of valuable recyclables to Mr. Green
Mr. Green Africa then processes the recyclable material into valuable raw material and feeds it back
into plastic manufacturers’ supply chain to enable them to achieve circular economy goals, and
benefit from raw material cost savings while simultaneously creating a positive environmental impact.
For this endeavour and journey ahead, we are looking for passionate people with a genuine heart,
who also believe in doing well by doing good and want to put their skills in a more purposeful working

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