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Nairobi, Kenya

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Full Time

About the Role

The Senior Executive Associate has the opportunity to grow into the Chief of Staff of MGA; this role directly supports the Executive Office (the “EO”) - comprising the CEO, Country GM, Chief Strategy Officer and CFO in facilitating overall management of MGA.
On a day-to-day basis, the successful candidate will work with the CEO and GM in management of MGAs vision and operations. The Senior Executive Associate will also directly support the EO by assisting the CEO in executing EO leadership initiatives within MGA, facilitating the operations of the EO, and coordinating internal and external MGA activities.
This position requires a dynamic individual who understands organizational operations generally, excels in a fast-paced environment, has proven attention to detail, and is comfortable working with a variety of high-level constituencies.




  • Serve as right hand to CEO, with focus on driving the business day-to-day.

  • Contribute in both Country Operations and Business-Building division to strategic planning, oversight, management support, reporting, operational analysis, and other key functions of the CEOs office and general EO responsibilities, as appropriate and required.

  • Ensure appropriate organization, prioritization, and follow-up of work in the CEOs office.

  • Assist in facilitating effective meetings of the Executive Team (MGA’s leadership

  • team), the Board of Directors and associated committees (Business Operations

  • Committee, Risk and Audit Committee, and others as assigned); attending and

  • minuting meetings, tracking, follow up and reporting on progress.

  • Produce and edit documents (excel, powerpoint and word) generated in the CEOs office.

  • Oversee scheduling for the CEO, with an emphasis on strategic use of time.

  • Support effective communication between CEO and relevant MGA managers regarding CEO activities and initiatives.


  • Working closely with C-Level, coordinate activities of and communications between CEO, GM, CSO and CFO.

  • Work closely with C-Level team, and others to build and maintain a strong, collegial, and effective MGA culture through global calls and other activities.

  • Participate in planning and execution of quarterly Board of Directors meetings and other Board calls; handle scheduling, work closely with CEO and other Executive

  • Team members to prepare and compile Board documents, take notes at meetings as required (noting confidentiality), and provide additional support as needed.

  • Working closely with CEO and GM to ensure EO compliance with relevant legal and policy requirements.

  • Working closely and equitably with the C-Level Team, fulfill additional administrative tasks that may include booking travel, processing invoices, updating files, Expense Claims,etc .

  • The Senior Executive Associate will support the work of the GM in discharging a range of GM activities, by coordinating initiatives generated by the GM, and providing strategic management of the GMs office.

About the Company

Who We Are

“Create a new game of recycling in emerging markets by changing the perception of waste”

When you look at a waste picker, what do you see? What do you feel? What do you think? Do you smile and thank them for clearing the man-made mess on the streets and in our homes? Do you recognise their occupation as a noble venture that saves us from potential toxicity? Could they be just like you? With hopes, dreams and demanding waste collection schedules? At Mr. Green Africa (MGA) , we acknowledge their value.
That being said, we have designed a human-centred business model that illustrates shared value at its best. Mr. Green Africa incentivises marginalised waste pickers and base of the pyramid stakeholders by offering premium prices and added benefits. This restores their dignity and alleviates poverty while at the same time providing a continuous supply of valuable recyclables to Mr. Green Africa.
Mr. Green Africa then processes the recyclable material into valuable raw material and feeds it back into plastic manufacturers’ supply chain to enable them to achieve circular economy goals, and benefit from raw material cost savings while simultaneously creating a positive environmental impact.For this endeavour and journey ahead, we are looking for passionate people with a genuine heart, who also believe in doing well by doing good and want to put their skills in a more purposeful working life.

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