Senior Manager, Impact

Nairobi, Kenya

Job Type:

Full Time

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About the Role

MGA is looking for an exuberant, and passionate individual to lead its diverse social impact and inclusion portfolio. This role will oversee the overall design, execution, mission, and efficacy of MGA’s Social and Economic Impact & inclusion programs.

The Senior Manager, Impact has deep knowledge and experience in impact measurement and evaluation, specific to the social sector, and possesses experience in utilising a broad range of both quantitative and qualitative tools and methods for analysis. He or she has an understanding of human-centered design and is excited to work with our teams to creatively develop new ways of designing, and implementing social programs, collecting impact data and measuring the effectiveness of HCD at creating solutions that can have impact at scale. He or she is very self-directed, an active problem-solver, who is always seeking out the right resources and information to answer complex questions with both rigor and elegance. The Senior Manager, Impact also has a keen eye for design and storytelling, and is inspired by the opportunity to influence the social sector.

● Strategically build, and lead MGA’s Impact team and programs.
● Help set and track progress against global and program-specific impact goals
● Manage historical impact knowledge and ensure quality monitoring and evaluation of programs.
● Increase visibility of our impact work by partnering with our communications team to
increase frequency and quality of impact-related communications
● Design, implement and institutionalise MGA’s Socular Impact Reporting Framework
● Innovation Research - Research opportunities for expansion areas or for radically new/improved services
● Climate Change Adaptation - continually refine our CCA strategy, identify areas where we need increased investment or research, and drive progress
● In collaboration with the Head of People Culture and Organisation, regularly review our CEHS practices, make actionable recommendations for improvement, and support
implementation where appropriate
● Partnerships - Develop new social impact initiatives and manage new partnerships and donor relations that could unlock significantly greater impact
● Increase reach of Impact leadership
● Represent the business externally when appropriate and contribute to advocacy and thought leadership.


●  A Bachelor's degree in international development, social science, or related discipline.

●  Minimum of 5+ years of experience in the design and proposal writing of developmentinitiatives for developing countries (focus in Africa particularly)

●  Experience using monitoring, evaluation, verification and data utilisation concepts to improve development results.

●  Experience in writing successful proposals to institutions and foundations

●  Program Budgeting and accounting experience an added advantage.

●  Exceptional Project Management skills

●  Ability to manage competing priorities and work effectively in a deadline-drivenenvironment.

●  Strong writing and editing skills.

●  Ability to work effectively both independently and in a diverse team environment.

●  Strong communication skills with the ability to navigate complexities and buildpartnerships with donors and global program staff.

●  Demonstrated experience in successful grant applications particularly institutions andfoundations

●  Experience in working on projects that target disadvantaged groups, women and girls ispreferred

About the Company

When you look at a waste picker, what do you see, feel, and think? Do you smile and thank them
for providing an invaluable service to our community by clearing the man-made mess on the
streets and in our homes? Do you recognise their occupation as a noble venture that saves us
from potential toxicity? Could they be just like you with hopes, dreams, and demanding waste
collection schedules? At Mr. Green Africa (MGA), we acknowledge their value.
At MGA we have designed a human-centred business model that illustrates that shared value
at its best. We incentivise marginalised waste pickers and base of the pyramid stakeholders by
offering premium prices and added benefits for their service. This restores their dignity,
improves their lives and cleans up our environment, while at the same time providing a
continuous supply of valuable recyclable plastic to Mr. Green Africa.
Mr. Green Africa processes the recyclable material into valuable raw material and feeds it back
into plastic manufacturers’ supply chains to enable them to achieve circular economy goals and
benefit from raw material cost savings while simultaneously creating a positive environmental
impact. For this endeavour and journey ahead, we are looking for passionate people with a
genuine heart, fun spirit and who also believe in doing well by doing good and want to use their
skills in a more purposeful working life.