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Passionate About Changing The Future Of Recycling in Emerging Markets

The Future of Recycling will be changed by alleviating the marginalisation, suffering, and large scale disadvantage of informal waste pickers and their communities. 

We have designed a human-centered business model that illustrates shared value at its best; Mr. Green Africa incentivises marginalised waste pickers & base of the pyramid stakeholders by offering premium prices and added benefits, to provide a continuous supply of valuable recyclables which in turn creates pathways out of poverty for them, while simultaneously creating a positive environmental impact. Mr. Green Africa then processes the recyclable material into valuable raw material and feeds it back into plastic manufacturers’ supply chain to enable them to achieve their circular economy goals, and benefit from raw material cost savings.


As Mr. Green Africa suppliers, waste pickers can make a higher stable income however,  building strong relationships with waste pickers is more than just giving them access to fair and stable prices. It’s also about enabling a dehumanized population to regain their dignity. By trading with Mr. Green Africa, waste pickers benefit from a variety of supplier loyalty programs and services such as life and entrepreneurial skills, health care assistance, as well as access to micro-loans. Other non-monetary benefits include the provision of protective clothing such as gloves and boots, as well as tools and in some instances, mobile phones.


Mr. Green Africa sees the informal waste pickers as invisible heroes who have languished at the bottom of the waste hierarchy for too long. Establishing a mechanism through which informal waste pickers can trade directly with Mr. Green Africa gives these invisible heroes a rare opportunity to improve their lives. This is Mr. Green Africa’s driving purpose and the key ingredient that makes the organization sustainable, and scalable.


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