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First recycling company in Africa to be Certified B Corporation

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

With pride we announce that Mr. Green Africa (MGA) has become the first waste management and recycling company in Africa to be a Certified B Corporation.

The B-Corp certification establishes MGA as a pioneer in the recycling sector, and enables MGA to tangibly measure our social and environmental impact, and gain access to a community of like minded companies, who use business as a force for good. As a B-Corp, our end goal is to create a sustainable economy, while having a positive imprint on our employees, the wider community and overall environment, through the collection and recycling of plastic waste.

Mr. Green Africa is one of only 20 companies in Kenya that has achieved B Corp certification.

Keiran Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Mr. Green Africa, says: “We believe our business model has the potential to change the future of plastic recycling in the Global South. Since our introduction in 2015, we’ve made a significant amount of progress and have proved that our recycled material can now act as a substitute for imported virgin plastics.”

“We strive for a circular economy and convert approximately 75-85% of our plastics into fully recycled plastics. In cases where plastics are not compatible with our recycling process, our mission is to constantly explore alternative methods to bring value to these materials.”

Link to Mr. Green Africa B Corp Impact report


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