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Pioneering Change with UK AID Funding: Innovative Wastewater Project

Through the SMEP Programme an FCDO-funded initiative, Mr. Green Africa (MGA) is excited to unveil a groundbreaking pilot project to revolutionise water reuse and tackle pollution arising from the plastics recycling industry. 

Our upcoming Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is not just a crucial enabler for our expansion plans; it represents a bold step towards sustainable practices that directly reduce environmental waste.

Plastic recycling, particularly in developing countries, faces immense challenges. Limited public sector infrastructure to manage pollutants like high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), traces of heavy metals and microplastics exacerbates the problem. MGA's ETP project, directly associated with our production increase to 20kt per annum, is set to trailblaze in this space.

The ETP is a critical driver in safe wastewater treatment, significantly reducing environmental waste. Beyond the environmental impact, our project is designed to enhance the livelihoods of communities through collaboration with waste pickers networks. By addressing challenges specific to the global south, MGA aims to share valuable insights and pioneer sustainable solutions.

As we embark on this innovative journey, we recognise the potential of our project to set new standards in the industry. Our commitment extends beyond expansion goals; it's a commitment to fostering positive change, sharing knowledge, and contributing to a more sustainable future for all. Stay tuned as MGA leads the way in transforming the landscape of plastics recycling and water reuse.

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