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WWF Kenya & Mr. Green Africa partner to improve plastic recycling in Coastal Kenya

Innovative partnership between WWF-Kenya and the pioneering private sector plastics’ recycling company Mr. Green Africa has been established to combat the challenges of plastic pollution, resulting from rapid urbanization, and generate economic growth.

The aim of the partnership is to accelerate transformation of plastic waste otherwise discarded in the natural environment into a valuable commodity and promote a circular plastic economy. In addition, the market development partnership dubbed the ‘DMDP Waste to Value Project,’ directly supported by the Danish development Agency, DANIDA, seeks to entrench a culture of responsible business conduct and sustainable practices, supported by the local community and authorities among entrepreneurs.

WWF-Kenya CEO Mohamed Awer said, “Mr. Green Africa complements WWF-Kenya by bringing in the much needed knowledge, networks and expertise in the plastic recycling value chain in Coastal Kenya where we have worked for more than 20 years.’’ These efforts will go a long way in not only improving the livelihoods of workers in the plastic recycling sector but also have a net impact on reduction of marine litter that ends up in our ocean and chokes marine biodiversity,’’ Awer added.

On his part, the CEO of Mr. Green Africa Keiran Smith stated. “We are pleased to partner with an organization whose core values align with our own and who are determined to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Our aim is to continually increase efficiency in collecting plastic recyclables from consumers before they end up in waterways, streets, informal dumps or landfills, and convert these recyclables into high quality raw materials for plastic manufacturers.”

As the project develops and expands, the goal is to include more partners along the value chain and contribute towards creation of at least 800 decent jobs within its lifetime. The partnership will work towards improving the local plastic recycling value chain in Mombasa County. The joint efforts aim to build on sustainable practices by connecting collectors, sorters and processors to high-end and innovative plastic recycling markets, expertise and technology.


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